Der IT-Unternehmertag

10. IT- Unternehmertag
„Erfolgreiche Mitarbeitergewinnung im IT-Mittelstand“
31. Januar 2018 in Frankfurt

Sales Seminar

"Successful Sales of your IT Solutions"

Day 1: Making contact and analyzing requirements

  • How to build up sympathy
  • How to achieve that your interlocutors open up to you
  • How to find out what your clients need
  • How to recognise your clients’ motives

Day 2: Presenting

  • How to present in a less technical way to decision makers
  • How to clarify the benefit during a presentation
  • How to handle difficult participants
  • How to win customers during the presentation

Day 3: From the offer to the order

  • How to best present your offer
  • How to negotiate your price successfully
  • How to guide the customer during the decision making process
  • How to get the deal signed

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Tuesday, 24. April 2018
9am to 5.15pm

Wednesday, 25. April 2018
9am to 5.15pm

Thursday, 26. April 2018
9am to 5.15pm


Pöhnl & Schottler in Frankfurt

Participation fee:

1.795,00 € plus VAT per person

The participation fee includes the catering and the detailed working manual.

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